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Been a rough couple of years. Time to get back on track, so I’m beginning again. The new year is a good time to start with new projects and plans. The idea is to change focus from old road blocks and keep forging ahead. This year’s plans include multiple areas of crafting, some crochet, some spinning and some knitting, of course. I was gifted a cute little box of crochet your own Star Wars figures. It came with some yarn, a hook and the pattern book. They are really quite adorable and most of them are about 3 or 4 inches tall. The pattern book has 12 characters in all. I plan to make one every month throughout year and then they will be holiday ornaments on the tree for next year. I also plan to have a good amount of focus in the next year on spinning. I received a copy of Jillian Moreno’s Yarn-i-tec-ture. I want to use that to learn some new tips and trick. I’ve also ordered a couple of issues of Ply magazine for even more studying. Besides trying new techniques I want to explore how I combine colors by trying different fibers from different sellers. Created by Elsie B, Classy Squid Fiber and Three Waters Farm are high on my list. I follow them on Instagram and almost always love everything they post. My very first project will be a continuation of something I had in mind before I planned out this new year. Olivia had picked out some beautiful fiber from The Artful Ewe that was full of earthy golden shades with a few big bits of a grey, denim blue. I really wanted to spread out the blue. I was inspired by Sitsnspins on Instagram and separated all the fiber into little bits. I hope to spin this into lovely chain-plied yarn in time for her birthday but we’ll see. Finally, my biggest and best idea is for my darling husband. He has been the lowest person on my knitting list for a very long time. This year I’ve kicked him to the top with the gift of knitting from head to toe. I’ve picked out several different patterns. There are socks, scarves, fingerless gloves and there’s even a hat or two. He’ll be helping me pick out yarn for the appropriate pattern and then he’ll end up with one gift every two months beginning February 1. I’ve even been sure to include that he gets one gift on his birthday. Now that it’s January, it’s time to get busy so keep an eye out for lots of photos to come.